Happy New Year 2019...lessons from 2016

With just 8 days into the New Year, I can say that I have already had a number of challenges that threatened to break my 'let's look on the bright side of life'. I was then reminded by a friend that we should view life and those that participate in it, like a garden, where each individual is different and plays their own unique role, including the 'macka bush'. Just because you are unsure of their purpose does not negate the fact that they too have a role to play and your coming across them is a lesson for you both to learn.

My challenge is recognising the role of Acceptance. Accept that we all have different starting points and different experiences, so we all behave in different ways and have different ideas of what is right and what is acceptable.

Having lived overseas for so many years, I am unaccustomed to certain things that, to some, are considered Jamaican norms. I hear the phrase, 'this is Jamaica'(TiJ) all the time to excuse a myriad of issues and it frustrates me as many of the issues are ones that we should be confronting. TiJ gives us the justification to ignore a situation or an issue that should be challenged.

Just like I have to accept the 'macka bush' and their role in my journey, I have to discover and accept mine role. As well as recognising that they might be unwilling or unable to recognise my role in their journey. For me yesterday the challenge was to continue to accept the situation and look at the solutions rather than get bogged down in the frustrations.

So within the past 8 days, I have realised once again the importance of being aware, being present and developing strategies for self to ensure that one stays balanced and focused on the goals that have been set. The 'macka bush' has made the journey a little rockier than expected and has forced me to change plans and strategies. It has reminded me that I am flexible and adaptable and hurdles are there to be jumped. Bring it on 2016...I am ready and super excited about the road ahead!!

Wishing you all the very best for 2016...grow grow grow!!

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