The reason I love Dragonfly Pathways...

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

I was reminded again on Monday how passionate I am about coaching and training, how important it is to be true to myself, my beliefs and my values. Dragonfly Pathways has been part of my journey into recognising, loving and developing my authentic self while providing a service that I can truly be proud of.

I believe that coaching and training are art forms and a craft that one needs to perfect in order to ensure that the client is always getting the best and becoming the best version of themselves.  

The Dragonfly represents in many cultures, self-realisation and change. As a coach and trainer, I am always learning and looking for the lesson in each experience thus providing my client with the very best experience possible.

What is my passion?

It was only recently that I recognised how important it was for me to enable others to truly embrace their inner dragonfly. Each of us finds or passion, our hopes and our dreams through different means, each of us, unique and travelling our own individual path. Sometimes we meet people along the way that share our passion and sometimes part of our journey. It is important to embrace the lessons and continue to grow and develop.

Here at Dragonfly...

All coaching and training is tailored to each individual person or company to ensure that the needs their specific needs are met and their goals achieved. As a coach, facilitator and trainer, I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing my clients not only achieve their goals but exceed their expectations!!!

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