Coaching in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of my favourite places in the world to live and last year I decided to take that leap of faith and relocate to a place I love, doing something that I love...coaching.

I've been coaching for the last few years within the education sector in the UK and I decide it was something that I wanted to do full time and it was during a joint coaching session that I made the decision to head to the wonderful island of Jamaica.

So what is coaching?

I believe coaching is providing a framework and the tools needed to enable one to discover and realise their true potential while focusing on the goals that they wish to achieve. Coaching is results driven and as such has an immediate impact on a person reaching their targets, if they are ready and willing to take that first step.

Does it really work?

Coaching is all about the client. If the client is serious about wanting change or achieving a goal then yes it works. I've seen it work over and over both as a client and a coach. Coaching is results driven and if you don't see results, it is essential to evaluate the goal first and the techniques that are being used.

What is this blog about?

It is primary about coaching. I will also be looking and discussing different aspects of coaching in Jamaica. If you have any coaching questions please get in touch and I will be happy to answer them here. I will also be setting myself goals and looking at whether or not I've achieved them as well as looking at techniques that can be used if things just aren't coming together the way they should.

Being a coach doesn't mean that my life is perfect or that it always goes to plan. It means that I am aware of techniques and frameworks that can me used.

My goal:

I will blog once a week for the next year on Coaching in Jamaica. 


1. Not enough time : the post only has to be 200 words

2. Having enough to write : there is always information to share about coaching, including my own experiences 

Measuring success: 

1. Seeing the posts every week

How committed am I out of 10, 10 being the most committed?:


When am I going to start:

Today! (Jan 14th 2015)

Goal setting really works!! Contact me for further details!

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