Coaching Charter


Our aim is to provide you, the client, with a high-quality professional coaching service, which serves your needs and interests.  We aim to build long-term relationships with you.  These, in turn, will enable us to work together to enhance your schooling, working, business skills and competencies. We aim to support you and your team in achieving your goals, be they focused on, yet not limited to education, career, health, wealth, contribution, relationships, spirituality and mission.


Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Quality, Professionalism, Partnerships and Value.


We will make every effort to supply the coaching hours contracted to the highest standards. Should we make a mistake, we will seek to remedy it to your satisfaction.


In all dealings we will maintain a high level of courtesy to all clients, their team and their customers. We will endeavour to reply as promptly as possible to all and any enquiries.


Within the limits of maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients, we will provide all the information and assistance that we can, to fulfil any contracts to the highest standards.


We will seek to be fair in all aspects of our business relationship with our clients and potential clients.


We will at all times respect the confidentiality of clients and will not divulge critical information unless required to by law or if a disclosure is made in relation to child protection.


Our terms are strictly net 30 days.  Monies not received within 30 days are subject to an additional 20% charge.  

If the programme is cancelled or rescheduled a charge is payable, based on the notice received and calculated as a percentage of the fee that would have been due for the coaching, as follows:


Any preparation costs incurred will be payable in full in the event of cancellation:

Notice (working weeks)                  % of fee payable

Over 6                                                             Zero

4-5                                                                    33

3                                                                        50

Under 3                                                           75

Under 7 days                                               100


At all times, I will allocate and be available for the session times agreed in the contract and remuneration will be apportioned in all circumstances for this allocation.