About Dragonfly Pathways

Dragonfly Pathways was incorporated in October 2014 in Kingston, Jamaica. The story does not start there however, it starts years before when I was based on the Isle of Coll, Scotland.


Those that have visited the Isle of Coll and have seen the beauty and the magic of this island realise that it enables individuals to create the space for themselves and others to dream. Coll gave me that opportunity to dream, I decided to create a space where I could work with and help others to be the best version of themselves. It was from this desire that Dragonfly Pathways was born. 

Of course it was not initially called Dragonfly Pathways as initially I focused on coaching and more specifically coaching within education. Once back on the mainland I realised that for me coaching and training complemented each other and could enable individuals and companies to grow and develop. 

The Dragonfly, in many ancient civilisations symbolises change, transformation, adaptability and self-realisation. We can relate this change to our mental and emotional growth and development. Providing a deeper understanding to the meaning of life.

When looking for a name for the company, I looked for a name that resonated with what I wanted to accomplish and the space that I wanted to create for the individuals and the companies that I work with; at all times focusing on how to enable them to achieve their goals. 

About Keisha-Ann Down

So who am I in a few lines: 

I am an Accredited Master Coach, a qualified teacher, an experienced trainer & facilitator. As well as being the Director and owner of Dragonfly Pathways, I am also the Vice-Chairman for the Jamaica Rugby Football Union, the President of my Alumnae Association, a Kiwanian, a member of the Change from Within (CfW) team and the Deputy CEO of an environmental charity.  I believe in living life to the full and have been blessed with the opportunity and courage to do so.  

I believe in always creating a better space for individuals to learn, grow and create their own path towards their goals. By having truthful conversations that allow each person to face their fears & limitations we are able to design a personalised plan that is focused  towards producing results. 

I moved back to Jamaica after 22 years in the UK in the summer of 2014 and everything I experienced up to that moment lead me to where I am today. Learning and development are key to always moving forward and this is an ethos that carries through to Dragonfly Pathways. Change is constant and in order to ensure that my clients are always receiving exceptional service it is crucial that I am and that those who I work with are always learning and evolving. 

Coaches, Facilitators & Trainers that I work with...

Working with Jerry Benzwick is always a pleasure. Jerry is extremely energetic and passionate about people and training. Through our workshops we have been able to engage team members and create an atmosphere where they are able to learn and grow through fun and interactive sessions!


We are currently conducting workshops within the hotel industry in Jamaica. 

The "Loving Me Weekend" was a great event where Nutritionist & Health Coach, Stacey Aiken and I combined life coaching, health coaching and spa treatments in Old Fort Bay to empower our fabulous participants to get clear on their dreams while nurturing their body, mind & spirit! 

Mrs. Pauletta Chevannes (pictured right) is one of the founding members of the Change from Within (CfW) Programme. She has inspired generations of principals, teachers and students to be change makers through CfW, the Circle of Friends and facilitating workshops. 


Dr. Lorna Down (pictured left) and I share a passion for training especially in the area of Education for Sustainable Development. Our focus over the last few years has been working with with other educators, be they principals or teachers. 

Through CfW we work with a number of schools providing workshops and coaching for teachers and students.